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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Book Mark Monsters

So every year I go through a few months of trying to figure out what to do for my students at Christmas time.  I always like to give them some sort of a little gift from their teacher.  This year, my kids all LOVE reading!  They do every year, but this year it seems to be a bit more than usual.  Happy teacher!  I would say at least twice a week someone is asking me for a book mark.  When I saw this on pinterest, I just couldn't resist!  (Sorry for the bad photos!  We just moved, it was midnight so bad lighting, and all I had was my iPhone!)

I asked each student for their favorite color and then made them each a book mark monster.  It fits on the corner of the page to hold your place and looks like it is eating your page.  I didn't get a picture of that, but you can see it on the pinterest page if you need a visual.

I used a little To: and From: from one of my stamp sets on the back and put their name on it.  

All the paper was from my stash.   I used MTC shapes to create the cut out for the monster base and teeth on my Silhouette.    I used some old Creative Memories shape cutters to make my circles and a good old three hole punch to get the black pupils.  I did a little doodle for the whites of the eyes with my gel pen. 

So fun!  The kids loved them and so did the parents!  What parent doesn't love a fun gift for their child that encourages them to read?

It was a great success! 

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:)  Cynthia

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