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Saturday, August 13, 2011

All Stars

I have a quick post for you today.  I'm back to work now...kids start Tuesday!  I have a little project I made for the wall in my classroom.  I live in San Diego and I am a big fan of the Padres and it shows in my classroom.  I have a bit of a baseball theme going.  I wanted to update my job board this year using this super cute Little League SVG set from SVGAttic.  

I used MTC to size it and then cut it on my cricut.  I used the fonts feature in MTC and used Marker Felt font to make my name.  The All Stars and the field are from the SVG set.  Super cute yes?  Here is a few pictures of it on my wall.  

I'm planning to redo the baseballs using the baseball SVG from this set as well, but I need to wait until I buy a silhouette because I can't get the cricut to cooperate and cut it out as nicely as I want it to.  I also have a project in mind to make baseball cards of each of the kids using this set as well, but I have to wait until I get some time.  Once the school year settles in...I can hop to it.  

Each year the students get checkbook registers and have Math Money.  We give them a paycheck each week and they buy things like bathroom passes, homework passes, pencils...etc.  They get rewarded for good behavior too.  The very last week of school I have a huge 3 day auction for the students to spend the rest of their money.  I always auction off a spot on my wall of fame.  I let the students pick a number and I put a jersey up on my wall for them.  I promise them it will stay up as long as I am teaching at the school, which I'm hoping is a very long time.  Here is the one I made this year.  

Of course it is Padres colors.  :)  I can't remember where I got the jersey SVG, I did it last year.  I just used impact font with MTC to cut it all out.  The kids eat it up.  I think it went for $1,365 this year!  If only it was real money right?  :)

I have some more projects I have done that I need to get posted up for you.  They will have to wait because now is play time with my sweet boy!

Thanks for stopping by!  

:) Cynthia


  1. I love how you used the Little League SVG Collection! These are wonderful! <3 Padres too! Great job!

  2. I love all the elements! So cute and I bet your kids will too!

    Happy Card Encouragement Factory

  3. Oh, by the way, Jessica from SVG Attic sent me.

  4. Becki sent me.... What a cute idea. What lucky kids to have such an awesome teacher.

  5. Your are a great teacher and your job bulletin is too cute. I like your idea about earning a paycheck, my daughter's teacher used the same concept. By the way Jessica from SVG Attic sent me

  6. Jessica sent me...Your decorations knocked it out of the park. Fun teacher:)

  7. I love it ! ! Great to see when a Teacher involves the students.... Jessica sent me.


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