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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another Scarf

Ok...so I know I said I was done crafting for a while...but I just can't stop myself! This is actually going to be a late Christmas gift, so I don't feel bad for avoiding the stack of grading I have. I did grade some first though...give and take right? ;) So my best friend from Jr. High and High School, who has lived in the desert all her life, is moving to Wisconsin in January. I figured I'd make her something she could use to stay warm, since being cold is the first thing she talked about after telling me they were moving.

During my search for a fun and quick scarf, I found this. It was perfect! I decided to do the alternating colors. The green I used is actually multi-toned. I know it is hard to tell in the picture. It is Vanna's Choice in Seaspray Mist and Soft White from Red Heart. I have never done a fringe before, and it didn't turn out exactly how I had hoped, but I'm happy with it.

Fun, no?

Oh, and I realized I never gave credit for the patterns I made for the pot holder and prayer scarf. Here they are! Potholder Prayer Scarf

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas! May your New Year be filled with blessings!

:) C

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  1. Hi Cynthia! Thanks for becoming one of my followers, and the nice message! I am now following you too! I like your blog and I love all your crocheting! I am learning to crochet by making a little hat for my friends baby. Its really fun!

    Hawaii is nice but it gets boring after a while, its either always raining or really hot! But I shouldn't complain I could be back home in Chicago freezing! I visited San Diego in March 09 because my husband was there for bootcamp and he was graduating. I loved it there! I hope for his next duty station we get to move there! :) Thanks for following me!


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