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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Blanket

Yay!  I have been waiting so long to post this!  I just finished a project I have been working on for months.  It feels so good!  Being someone who loves to be crafty, I enjoy starting new projects, but if they take very long I tend to get bored.  This one was a little different though, because it was a baby blanket for a dear friend of mine.  Her baby girl was born just three days ago, so I finished just in time!  

I was searching for a blanket to make for her and I found this little buddy blanket.  I thought it was just so adorable that I had to make it!  I'm still new at crochet, so it didn't turn out perfect, but I think she will still love it.  

So the giant color discrepancy in the middle of the blanket?  Yeah.  I cried.  So the no dye lot yarn I used...it was old.  According to the pattern I had plenty.  I ran out, so I went to buy more and the company changed it and now has a dye lot.  GRRRR!  There wasn't much I could do because it was the larger portion that was done and almost half the other before I noticed it.  It really seemed like the same color until I had some of it already done.  Sigh.  Oh well.  The baby won't know!

It has a really pretty shell pattern that is sort of hard to see in the picture.  I think if I do this one again, I'll use a little larger needle so that it shows up more.  Of course, the horrible lighting in my pictures doesn't help much.  That is a skill I need to work on as well!

The little bear head was really hard!  That is the last thing I did.  I should have done it first.  The instructions were made for someone who knows a little more than I do I think.  Also,  no matter how many times I counted and recounted and stitched and restitched, things didn't match up just right.  A little aggravating for me, I am a bit of a perfectionist.  

Although it didn't turn out perfect, I still think it is pretty darn cute!   

Thanks for stopping by!  Paper crafting coming soon!

Cynthia :)

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  1. This turned out so cute!!! Even with the color change. :) The bear is really cute!

    Ruthie :)


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