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Monday, June 20, 2011


Ok, so no card today (my husband bought me a Kindle and I've been reading instead of crafting!  I know, I know!  I do have to say, reading is my favorite!  I'll have more cards soon...), but I have something cool to share with you!  Go over to The Queen's blog and check out what she has done with the Cri-kits pens.  They are little pens that fit where the blade goes in your cricut and it will draw on the paper instead of cut it!  So fun!  Go check out her projects as well as all the cool stuff Cri-kits has given her to give away.  Be sure to stay tuned on The Queen's blog for tomorrow too, because my very talented Sister-in-law will be showcasing what she has done.  I know it will be super cute!  The rest of The Queen's design team will follow, one each day. 

Cynthia :)

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  1. I am like you:)
    I would much prefer to read:)
    I do love my crafting but reading is my first love:)


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