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Monday, May 30, 2011

50th Birthday Gag Gift

I have a quick post today. A good family friend of ours had his 50th birthday party and we were told that only gag gifts were allowed. He he he...

We bought a flower pot, some florist's styrofoam, some crinkly paper grass, and a ton of suckers. Here is what it turned out to be.

The sucker at the very top says "50 Sucks!" and there are a total of 50 suckers in the pot. I also made a card to go with it using MTC and the Marker Felt font on my computer. The paper is from my stash. It was an odd size so I had to make an envelope to fit. I made a red one to match the font, but I didn't get a picture. We were in a hurry to get to the party!

He thought it was funny. I'm glad!

Thanks for stopping in.

C :)


  1. That turned out really cute! :)

  2. ohhh i just love it...super sentiment...i'll have to remember this one...thanks for sharing. www.justwordz.ca


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