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Monday, September 17, 2012

A Few School Projects

Alright - you'll have to give me a bit of a break on not posting the last month or two.  It is back to school time and I'm a teacher after all!  We have been back in school for a whole month now, and I think I can spare a moment to blog.  :)

Here are a few little projects I did for back to school:

This is a brownie points pan that I found on Pinterest (I think - where else do I find stuff?!).  I printed some cute little brownies on cardstock and then laminated them.  Once the kids get a full pan of brownies by getting complements from other faculty and staff, I will make them brownies and bring them in to share!  

This is the beginnings of my transportation display.  I took all three of these circles and mounted them on one long piece of super cute ribbon.  I wish I had taken a classroom shot of the finished product for you.  Then I have clothes pins with all the kids names on them.  I can keep track of who goes where - carpool, bus, or day care.  This one I know came from Pinterest - click here to see my inspiration.  

This one came from Pinterest, too.  Big surprise right?!  I used a pringles can, but I had to look hard and get the smaller one.  Now they are making them longer, which didn't work for what I wanted.  The gal on pinterest used them for teacher gifts - see that here - but I wanted to use mine to store pencils in the classroom.  The students lose tons of pencils and this is where I store the new ones!  It turned out cute!  The kids love it. :)  

Ok - well that is all for now!  I have one other project to post about, but it will have to be another day.  :)

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  1. Great idea, Pringles can used in a container. How did you make the top?

    1. Thanks, Laurie! I thought it was cute when I saw it. The top was tricky... I cut a circle and then cut a radius to the center and then folded the paper around into a cone. I had to trim stuff on and then put hot glue around the edge of the lid. It was a bit of learn as you go.

    2. I was wondering the very same thing so thanks for the response! I am thinking that the hot glue gun should be on a low temperature to adhere it to the Pringles lid so that it doesn't melt?


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